The What

Regular bite-size audio-casts and set of notes on concepts, acronyms and themes in the global identity and access management industry - delivered in 10 mins or less.

Current planned topics (subject to change):

1 What is an identity?

2 Why is digital identity so important?

3 What is IAM?

4 What is B2E IAM?

5 What is B2C IAM?

6 What is authentication?

6a What's the market for software authenticators?

6b What's the market for hardware authenticators?

7 What is authorization?

7a What's the market for external authorization?

8 What is IGA?

8a What's the market for IGA?

9 What is identity proofing?

9a What's the market for identity proofing?

10 What is SSO?

11 What is provisioning?

12 What is PAM?

12a What is the market for PAM?

13 What is federation?

14 What is a profile store?

15 What is RBAC?

16 What is ABAC?

17 What is PBAC?

18 What is ReBAC?

15 What is a permissions store?

16 What is an ACL?

17 What is OAuth2?

18 What is SAML2?

19 What is OIDC?

20 What is FIDO?

21 What is FIDO2/WebAuthn/Passkeys

22 What is MFA?

23 What are credentials?

24 What is biometric authentication?

25 What is cloud identity?

26 What is SCIM?

27 What is consent management?

28 What is a device fingerprint?

29 What is cryptography?

30 What is encryption?

31 What are digital signatures?

32 What is a JWT?

33 What is a OTP?

34 What is a session?

35 What is a possession factor?

36 What is the NIST 800-63 series of standards?

37 What is machine identity?

38 What is zero trust? How does it related to IAM?

39 What is continuous authentication?

40 What is ITDR?

41 How to measure IAM success?

42 What future trends are emerging in IAM?

43 What is OPA?

44 What is PII?

45 What is privacy preservation?

46 What is identity risk?

47 What role does AI play in IAM?

48 What are NPEs?

49 What is a Persona?

50 What are SoDs?

51 What is JiT access and Zero Standing Privileges?

52 What is the JML process?

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The Why

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is now so fundamental to both the B2E workforce and B2C consumer ecosystems in both the business and security focus areas.

To that end, there are now more stakeholders than ever before interested in learning what IAM is, how it can work for them and how it can be measured.

This is a zero to hero course - will involve no coding or technical assumptions.

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This is a no-code, zero-to-hero, from the ground up set of weekly explainers, instructionals and discussions to make you an IAM hero.

This series is aimed at solution architects, enterprise architects, CISO’s, security leaders, infrastructure engineers, technology leaders, project managers, product owners, application owners, line of business management and end users, who have a desire to learn more about IAM.

Subscription provides access to more advanced topics, commentary on market sectors and full access to the entire bitesize archive.

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